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technology For the last fifteen years, I have been assisting organizations of all types and sizes in many ways. This page lists the current emphases of my enterprise consulting practice.

Note that I sign NDAs with my clients as requested. You can rest assured that information exchanged remains yours, as does all work products.

Big Data, Platforms, and Strategy

Organizations hire me operationalize the strategies discussed in my books. I assist organizations of all sizes in understanding and implementing Big Data solutions, platforms, and other emerging technologies.

System Selection

Is your organization having trouble deciding among different vendors? Not sure whether to buy, make, or rent a software solution? Let me help your organization make the best decision possible. I perform independent vendor assessments and assist with RFP preparation. Many organizations selecting a system for the first time attempt to do this internally. As a result, key items are missed that result in problems throughout the implementation.

Project Management

Has your organization already made its decision on a new system? Let me manage the project. My background and experience allow me to realistically assess the amount of time that each stage of a project realistically requires; I don’t try to cram square pegs into round holes. I know the steps required to maximize the chance of a successful system activation.

Technology Audits

I assist organizations in evaluating the state of their existing systems, applications, and architecture. I also perform readiness assessments before massive, expensive technological undertakings.

Social Media

I help people and organizations understand and improve at blogging, podcasts, and other forms of social media.

Next Steps

Contact me to schedule a brief discussion about availability.

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