I help organizations navigate an increasingly complex business world.

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“We have contracted Phil a number of times because he is very knowledgeable, budget-conscious, honest, and productive. His work is nothing short of first-rate.”
—Karen Zuill, Controller, Hartwick College

The Problem

The business world has never been crazier. Technology moves faster than ever with no end in sight.

Sure, you can hire a prominent consulting firm to help your organization explore its options, but are you just going to get the next man or woman up? And what about your partner’s ultimate recommendations? How can you be sure that they aren’t just a bit jaundiced? After all, perhaps the consultancy’s partnership with Vendor X has influenced its decision to recommend Vendor X’s wares. Is the firm recommending a product, service, and/or methodology because they know of nothing else—not because it’s right for your business at this time?

The Solution

Today, I serve as an independent, vendor-neutral advisor. Over the last fifteen years, I have assisted organizations of all types and sizes in many ways. I have worked extensively in industries such as health care, retail, the public sector, manufacturing, professional services and telecommunications.

I do several different types of consulting under the general umbrellas of strategy, communications, business model development, Big Data, and technology. Most of my clients hire me to explore options or to help operationalize a strategy or topic discussed in my books. Maybe one of my interviews or blog posts or talks set off a light bulb above your head. Perhaps someone recommended me.

I may very well be able to help your organization, group, or department get where it wants to go. (We’ll only know for sure after we have a conversation.) Today, I assist organizations of all sizes as they attempt to:

  • Improving their internal communication
  • Becoming a Visual Organization
  • Understanding Big Data and put it into action
  • Embracing platform thinking
  • Understanding social media
  • Performing competitive research
  • Evaluating their existing technologies
  • Searching for the right emerging technologies
  • Other areas

Note that I sign NDAs with my clients as requested. (That’s why you won’t find client logos at the top of this page.) You can rest assured that information exchanged remains yours, as does all work products.


What kinds of consulting arrangements do you offer?
A few types:

  • Traditional or full-time, on-site consulting
  • Milestone consulting (although I admittedly have my reservations about the effectiveness of this type of arrangement)
  • Remote consulting
Will you work as a subcontractor?
Usually no. I want to maintain a direct relationship with my customers. I strongly prefer not having to deal with third parties as it pertains to billing and other administrative matters.
Do you sign NDAs with your clients?
If requested, sure. They just can’t be too onerous.

Read First

Before we connect, it’s important to determine if we are a good fit. Please read this this short page to make sure that we are on the same page before we go too far down the aisle. I’d also recommend checking out my rates.

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