Customized, intimate, private, and on-site seminars designed for maximum impact.

“Phil Simon captivated dozens of members at the Morris County Chamber of Commerce. Phil’s knowledge about technology and social media will delight any audience. He is interesting, unique, and extremely passionate about what he does.”
—Angela Kubisky, VP, Morris County NJ Chamber of Commerce


Don’t get me wrong. Books, blog posts, webinars, and even keynote talks can certainly be useful. They often plant new ideas and impart critical lessons from successful companies and individuals. At the same time, though, there’s only so much that a busy and often distracted professional can absorb—much less implement—after listening to a 30- or 60-minute talk. Frequently employees return from conferences and revert to business as usual.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I offer on-site seminars and workshops designed to go deeper and facilitate change. Working with your organization’s management, we will design a custom curriculum and agenda to maximize results. I lead the seminar and brainstorming sessions.

Topics are typically related to my books. In the past, the length has ranged from four hours to four days.

Recent Workshops

Platform Thinking
Social Media
Big Data
Effective Business Communication

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