Timely, jargon-free observations, analysis, and predictions in both short and long formats.

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“Phil understands the modern-day technology user. His writing illustrates a clear picture of today’s data-driven landscape and the challenges and opportunities it presents to businesses, their employees, and their customers.” Andreas Partner at BearingPoint, Financial Services


As I write in Message Not Received, employees today are busier than ever—a trend that shows no signs of abating. They don’t have time to stay on top of current business and technology trends, much less write compelling and cogent content that people actually want to you, you know, read.  In the words of Charles Bukowski, “Most people who write shouldn’t.”

No argument here. The Web is rife with poorly written copy, listicles, and sales pitches thinly veiled as blog posts.

That’s where I come in.

I often write white papers, blog posts, and articles on many topics for a wide array of organizations. Some of these reside on my site as sponsored posts while others reside on corporate and individual blogs.

The vast majority of this content is attributed to me but I occasionally ghostwrite.