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A brief synopsis of my current projects and activities.



Updated: May 27, 2022

I wear a few different but related hats. Along these lines, this page briefly summarizes what I’m doing at the moment.

Book Stuff

Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace drops on June 15, 2022. The physical and ebook versions are widely available and the audiobook version is hitting the different sites by the hour. 

Read an excerpt of the new one here.

Conversations About Collaboration

The pod is back, but on a biweekly basis. Episodes will last longer, and you won’t find them on Spotify any longer. The new focus is on project management to coincide with Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace.


I have started holding webinars for my clients on Reimagining Collaboration.

New Course

My new Teachable course The Author Flywheel: How to Intelligently and Affordably Market Your Book is live.


Given current events, collaboration and the future of work are very much on my mind.