Message Not Received: Sneak Preview

Here's a very early look at my seventh book.
Jul | 31 | 2014

Jul | 31 | 2014

previewI’ve been quiet on this site for the last few weeks. Aside from refining my golf game, I’ve been cranking away on Message Not Received: Why Business Communication Is Broken and How to Fix It.

Last night, I cracked 34,000 words in the manuscript. (Golf applause.) I should have cover mockups within a few days. Wiley and I have even moved up the publication date by a few months. I should be holding it in my hands in May of 2015.

Research is going very well. It looks like the book will contain four to five proper case studies and a bunch of other examples and outside perspectives. I’ve come across some fascinating companies that use truly collaborative tools to, you know, actually collaborate. I’m really excited about the stories I’ll be telling. Yes, there is life beyond e-mail.

The structure of the book is pretty solid at this point. I know what kind of house I’m building, I just don’t know how many bathrooms it will contain, where the sofa will go, etc.

Without further ado, here’s the current table of contents.


Part I: Background and Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Technology Is Eating the World

Part II: Systematic Chaos: Why We Don’t Communicate Good at Work

  • Chapter 2: What We Say
  • Chapter 3: How We Say It
  • Chapter 4: The Effects of Poor Business Communication

Part III: The Solution

  • Chapter 5: Guidelines for Effective Business Communication
  • Chapter 6: Awareness, Context, and the Power of Words
  • Chapter 7: Better Business Communication through New Tools


By the way, if you have an example of a particularly jargon-filled job description, let me know. I’d love to throw a few more in.

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