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Notice anything different here? Good.

PrintThere’s a world of difference between a simple, static website and a true content management system like WordPress. To me, the former is analogous to a brochure. It’s my firm belief that websites need to evolve, both in terms of substance as well as style.

Against that backdrop, my rock-star developer and I have made some changes to this site over the past week. You might notice a new and (I hope) more palatable set of fonts. I had grown tired of the previous fonts and believe that these new ones increase the overall readability of the site. What’s more, the site now sports a proper logo. There are some other, relatively minor tweaks as well designed to augment consistency. I have a few new toys to play with as well.

I freaking love WordPress.

That’s it. I hope that you like version 3.1 of my site. Let me know if you experience any issues.




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