The Visual Organization Book Tour: Seattle

Possibly adding more dates and one of my favorite cities to the tour.

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Updated: April 19, 2014


My San Francisco book tour for The Visual Organization went really well. (See highlights here.) What to do for an encore? I’m thinking of adding a Seattle leg to it for mid- to late-May. I’ve always been a big fan of Seattle and I know that it sports a vibrant tech scene.

I’d like to come to Seattle for three to four days intent on speaking at as many places as possible. I’d ask that the talks be recorded and that the organization purchases a small number of books.

I’d like to speak at the following places around May 20th:

  • Organizations
  • Conferences
  • Colleges and universities, but probably not grade schools
  • Co-working spaces
  • Large MeetUp groups
  • Libraries
  • Others if they make sense


I normally charge when I speak, but I will waive my fee in exchange for the purchase of fair number of physical copies of the book (at least 10) via Amazon. I don’t control the price and, in case you’re wondering, The Visual Organization will a full-color hardcover book containing roughly 240 pages.

After the talk, I will gladly answer questions for as long as you like and I can (hinging on where I need to be next), but each talk will be based upon the book. That is, I won’t be developing a specific presentation for each talk. For questions, though, fire away.

My talks are never exactly the same. It’s always a hybrid of improvisation and composition, much like Neil Peart’s drum solos. At each, though, I’ll talk about the increasing importance of dataviz in an era of Big Data. I’ll discuss some of the examples in the book: Netflix, eBay, Autodesk, University of Texas, and Wedgies. I’ll be talking about the need for new types of dataviz tools and applications. I won’t be lecturing about very technical things like programming in R.

If you’re interested or know an organization that might be, leave a comment or connect with me.

Updated: April 19, 2014

Unless something dramatic happens, I’m putting the kibosh on this. The initial level of interest just isn’t there and I have to prepare for some upcoming engagements.

Thanks  to all of those who have helped make introductions and inquiries.




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