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Zoom Tip #5: Zooming in on Yourself

A little magic thanks to a Logitech app.
Aug | 9 | 2020

Aug | 9 | 2020

Updated: October 11, 2021

​At present, Zoom’s Meetings & Chat tool doesn’t let you zoom in on yourself. That is, you cannot bring the camera to you make your face or background bigger or small. By way of comparison, you can do this with Zoom Rooms by using the camera control in the green box below:

Great, but that factoid doesn’t solve the Meetings & Chat problem. Yeah, you can physically move your computer or webcam, but that solution isn’t exactly elegant and may not even get the job done depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. I suspect that Zoom will remedy this limitation in the near future.

Anyone up for a friendly bet?

In the interim, Meetings & Chat users are luck if they use a Logitech webcam. Just download this app.1

I show how to make the magic happen in the video below.


  1. The company removed it from the Apple app store because it no longer intends to support it. Case in point: My M1 MacBook Pro won’t run it, even with Rosetta 2.

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