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Enterprise Data Governance: The Human Element

A real-life case study on how one organization fumbled the ball.
Mar | 27 | 2011

Mar | 27 | 2011

I wrote a white paper for DataFlux a while back on how one organization completely dropped the ball on an IT project.

Executive Summary

Enterprise data governance (EDG) is a bit of a catchall term, with many nuances and  complexities not typically emphasized by those looking for a quick fix. To be sure, technology and business processes are essential if one wants to be able to reliably run reports and make decisions based on accurate information. However, many organizations overlook the cardinal importance of the human element before, during, and after their data quality and governance initiatives.

This white paper analyzes the human factor. Almost every organizational endeavor impacts data quality – from individual data entry to automated database backups (and everything in between).

This white paper examines these data management issues within the context of Acme, Inc., a fictitious manufacturer of widgets. Rather than looking at data quality and management though a theoretical lens, this white paper uses a persona-oriented approach to tackle the issues endemic to many organizations vis-à-vis EDG.

Click here to read the whole thing.


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