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Yes, I will speak for Rush tickets, airfare, and discounted copies of books.
Jan | 1 | 2013

Readers of my books and blog posts know that I’m an obsessive Rush fan. I mean, restraining orders. (I’m kidding…sort of.) Here’s a screen shot of page 86 of my fourth book. Recognize anyone?

So when the band announces a tour, I want to go shows. Lots of shows. To make this happen in an affordable way, I’ll come to your organization or conference to do a one-hour talk about whatever you like. I’ll waive my normal fee. I’ll only ask that you do the following:

  • Buy a decent number of copies of The Age of the Platform and/or Too Big to Ignore
  • Cover my travel expenses (flight, hotel, parking, a bit of food)
  • Buy my Rush ticket (usually about $160 USD, and yes, worth every penny)

Contact me so we can work out logistics. Note that I’m already going to the R&R Hall of Fame ceremony in Los Angeles on April 18th, 2013.

Rush: Clockwork Angels’ 2013 Tour Schedule

Click here.

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  1. a Rush chick

    Just curious how many shows you made it to. I was at the Hershey show and it was fantastic. Rush on!


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