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Having More Fun With Python in the Classroom

Why not make a simple PowerPoint slide a little more interactive?
Mar | 15 | 2019

Mar | 15 | 2019


In a few hours, I’ll give my second of three Python lectures for CIS235. As usual, I update my deck with new dates and other class-specific information. Still, what else could I do to shake things up a little?

I decided to have a little fun with my slides by invoking some Python code from PowerPoint. I wrote a simple script that shows text in lieu of traditional bullet points by using Python’s powerful time module.

No, mine isn’t the world’s most powerful Python script, but it demonstrates more of what the increasingly popular programming language can do.

Ideally, this small script will make at least a few students today think about more than just completing their Python homework assignments. Perhaps some of them will now want to noodle with Python on the side and increase their skills before they take proper courses on the subject next year.

Simon Says

First, a pox on those who criticize PowerPoint. Second, professors can make any topic engaging. Python is no exception and neither is data governance.


What say you?



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