Interview With Debbie Hemley on The Next Wave

A talk on the new book.

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MicrophonesDebbie Henley of Weber Media recently posted a nice review of The New Wave of Technologies. A few e-mails later, we decided that an interview made sense. Voila!

Here are a few of the questions posed to me:

  • Your new book, The New Wave of Technologies, was an impressive undertaking. What motivated you to write the book? How long did it take from concept to publication?
  • Of the technologies discussed in your new book, is there one in particular that you think is harder for CIO’s and information technology professionals to embrace? Why do you think that is?
  • You describe the benefits of “reverse mentoring” where younger employees can bring a lot to the table and more senior executives can learn from their expertise. Have you seen an example of where this worked well? What made it successful?

To listen the entire interview, you click here.




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