My MIT Sloan Management Review Interview

Are you part of the e-mail problem?

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MIT_NEWBoston College professor Jerry Kane recently interview me about collaboration, communication, and my new book Message Not Received. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Your new book is about what’s wrong with business communication and what companies can do to fix it. What is wrong with business communication today? 

A: At a high level, there are two problems. Number one: we send far too much email. Number two: we use far too much jargon. That’s the book in a nutshell.

Let’s address the first issue. Email is killing us. Many employees receive 150 emails every day and those emails are frequently rife with jargon. It’s a pernicious combination. As such, employees are very unlikely to achieve what we’re trying to achieve on time. As my research uncovered, most employees are swamped with information and email.

Fortunately, change is well within our grasp. If I can improve my own skills, then anyone can. In the book, I cover my own communications journey.

Read the whole thing here.




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