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Branding and Energy

How are people responding to your company?
Apr | 13 | 2011

Apr | 13 | 2011


I’ve heard many definitions of the term brand. My favorite is: what people say about your company, product, or service when you’re not around.

There’s a certain energy about some companies, products, services, and people. Go into an Apple store and observe people inquiring, creating, thinking, and processing new ways of doing things. Apple customers are converting new ones as we speak.

Of course, not every company can be Apple—despite their best efforts.

How do others respond when you:

  • Speak at a conference?
  • Tell them what you do?
  • Explain your company’s products or services to them?
  • Show them your book?
  • Go to your website?

After your elevator pitch, do people want to know more? Are people waiting for your next post, product, or sentence?

Simon Says

If the answers to these questions are less than positive, then ask yourself:

  • Are you in the right field?
  • Do you work for the right company?
  • Are you in the right role?
  • Are you giving off the right energy?


What say you?

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1 Comment

  1. KevinCu

    A more important question to ask: Are you looking for a win/win situation? Do you act like a sponge and take information from others without giving in return, without even saying thank you (you win/they lose)? If your brand (your promise to others) is what you do, then do you fulfill that promise? Apple seems to. 


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