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Amazon Keeps Adding Planks to its Platform

You just have to admire the ambitions and smarts of this company.
Nov | 1 | 2011

I’ve written before about how traditional publishers are missing the boat on rising superstars. Not Amazon. The company is releasing 122 books this year and recently signed up self-help guru and rock star Tim Ferriss.

You just have to admire the ambitions and smarts of this company. Despite last quarter’s lower-than-expected earnings, Bezos’ machine keeps on churning with no signs of stopping. Look for it to steal some disaffected Netflix customers with its increased offerings in movies. And I’d be shocked if the Fire doesn’t capture the low end of the tablet market.

Amazon is not content with the current planks in its platform; it keeps adding more of them. Of course, the few remaining independent book stores may not carry the books of Amazon authors, but it’s not as if these stores have bright futures.

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