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Platform Integration

Why it's is so essential to Apple's success.
Mar | 20 | 2012

Mar | 20 | 2012

platform450Beyond its sexy hardware and über-useful apps, Apple’s platform–it’s integrated set of planks–along with its premium brand are collectively driving it to ridiculous heights. What’s more, these two factors are making it tough for the Dells, Microsofts, and HPs of the world to catch up.

Apple is all about integration, as this piece from ReadWriteWeb points out:

What makes the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, and gradually, even the Mac, “post-PC” devices, is the idea that they’re all tied together behind the scenes: Your work, your entertainment, your apps, everything. It’s not that they just replace a PC in your home. It’s that they go beyond what a PC ever offered.

That’s where iCloud comes into play.

Put simply: If your planks aren’t integrated, your platform faces extremely difficult obstacles to overcome. Consumers demand it. This isn’t 1998.


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