Are you using your advantages to their fullest extents?

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Leverage is a fickle thing. Consider the following:

  • The company in a remote area has a tremendous amount of leverage of local employees, especially if the latter have no desire to learn new skills or move.
  • The highly skilled employee weighing multiple offers can exert significant leverage over each prospective employer.
  • The home seller has leverage over the buyer who becomes emotional, especially if the former doesn’t have to move.
  • The cable company has leverage over its customers, especially when local rules prohibit free choice (as is the case in my neighborhood).
  • The author with a strong following is holding some strong cards over her publisher for her next book advance, especially since self-publishing is becoming an increasingly viable–and less stigmatized–option.

I could go on, but you get my point.

So, what are you doing to maximize your leverage?





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