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Should I Buy an iPad?

Pondering whether it's time to get a tablet.
Oct | 15 | 2013

Oct | 15 | 2013

Updated: 11.15.13

ipadOn October 22nd, Apple will be announcing the release of several new products, including a souped-up iPad.

Up until now, I haven’t bought an iPad. I own just about every other Apple product: a MacBook Pro, AppleTV, an iPhone, and a few iPods. I’ve noodled with my friends’ iPads and have enjoyed the experience. It works basically like a big iPhone.

I’ve been resisting getting an iPad for several reasons. For one, I like to give my eyes a rest from the tyranny of screens. I don’t like reading e-books, even though I recognize their inherent advantages over their physical counterparts (search, highlighting, etc.). Also, I like using the MacBook’s physical keyboard and multi-touch touchpad.

Tablets are the way of the future.

Still, tablets are the way of the future. With a keyboard case, they function as de facto computers. I love the near-instant boot-up time. When I travel, I usually don’t write too much. I’m content to consume content more than create it. I can’t imagine writing a book on an iPad.


What say you? Do you own an iPad? Do you use it much? What do you like about it?

Updated: 11.15.13
I broke down and bought the Air. I’m loving it.


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  1. Roy Tennant

    Phil, my lovely wife bought me a first generation iPad years ago and it take it everywhere. I’m never going to give it up. It could probably stand replacing, but it still works flawlessly and I use it ALL THE TIME. So…yeah. Totally go for it.

  2. Chef Tony

    I own 4 ipads (one is a mini) and about to buy 3 more to run my computer system at work.

    I love them, they are slightly different from a Mac Book, but right, with a keyboard, pretty darn close.

    I think the Mini is the PERFECT sized one for daily use…I just got a mini keyboard for that one too…since I bought the mini, my full size at home just sits. Gave my parents one to use, and they do….the ease of use and size is perfect.

    My three Grandkids (yes, I have seven) have them, first one to get an iPad was 4…and she was playing on one of mine at 2 years old.

    Dive in.. the water is warm. 🙂

  3. Carlos

    I was given one by my wife as a birthday gift three years ago. I tried to use it as my daily agenda but I could not find an app similar to the Franklin Covey one I had been using for years.
    Now, I use it to take notes in meetings and read ebooks.
    I am still debating this gadget myself because it is not fully integrated with my other apple devices
    Have a great day


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