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Thwart the Trackers

Easily control who sees what you do online.
Jul | 5 | 2014

Jul | 5 | 2014

I’m not a huge privacy nut. I realize that companies like Facebook need to make money and, in effect, its users are its products.

And Zuck’s company isn’t alone. Many other corporations monetize their users. Sometimes this is a bit creepy.

While there’s no stopping billion-dollar organizations intent on finding better ways to advertise to you, you can slow them down. One powerful tool is Ghostery, a browser extension that lets you (the user) effectively control which web services work while you’re on different sites. Put different, Ghostery sees the “invisible” web. It detects trackers, web bugs, pixels, and beacons placed on web pages by Facebook, Google Analytics, DoubleClick, and other sites.

Removing tracking sites is brain-dead easy.


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