Update on The Age of the Platform

We're a third of the way home on the Kickstarter project.

platform450Funding is off to a great start. Nary a week into it, I’m almost at 33 percent of my $7,500 goal.

On a different note, I really believe that I’m on to something important with this book. Different people have very different ideas about platforms and I’ve yet to see a book that takes the approach that I am. A really smart author and friend of mine recently told me that she had a completely different take on the notion of a platform.

Rather than be disheartened, I was encouraged. My favorite books are the ones that cause me to really think about things. There’s nothing inherently wrong with books that you can read while tweeting and watching TV. It’s just that The Age of the Platform won’t be one of them.

Thanks to all who have backed the project so far. Every little bit helps. Click here to back it.


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  1. Nikos

    That’s great news, Phil. I just pledged $20 and I’m looking forward to getting my hard copy in the mail. It’s great to see opportunities like this come to life in the digital age. I’m an aspiring author also exploring a similar path, since owning my content and repurposing it any way I want is important to me. Since you’re on your fourth book and know the ropes, I’m assuming this start-up budget is extremely cost-effective and efficient since you have key relationships, folks that you’ve worked with before, and a sound marketing and brand strategy–as your online presence currently reflects. I’m just curious as to what some of your self-publishing / marketing strategies are–getting funded on Kickstart is obviously one of them. But what happens when you have the manuscript buttoned up and ready to go? What are some of the most cost-effective ways to get your book printed, garner significant attention, and sales for your opus? Loaded question, I know : ) 


    • Phil Simon

      Thanks for the comment, Nikos. 

      Stay tuned! I’ll be addressing these topics in future posts on this site–and guest posts on others!


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