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Vote on the Subtitle for Why New Enterprise Systems Fail

Help me figure out the right handful of words to help me describe the third edition of my first book.
Jul | 29 | 2022

Jul | 29 | 2022

Later this year, I’ll be releasing the third edition of my first book Why New Systems Fail: An Insider’s Guide to Successful IT Projects. Released in 2010, the second edition is a bit long in the tooth.

A few things have happened during the last dozen years, such as the explosion of cloud computing and DevOps.) Despite some seismic changes in the tech landscape, organizations continue to struggle to implement enterprise systems. (Cue Nietzsche reference.)

Brass tacks: the time is right to update the book.

The changes to the book will be significant. For starters, I’m tweaking the title. The third edition will be called Why New Enterprise Systems Fail. That one-word addition was easy to make and, in hindsight, should have been there from day one. Live and learn …

The cover will keep the same colors but go in an exciting new direction. (Spoiler here.) In terms of the content, I expect a better overall book for one simple reason: I’m a far better writer today than I was in 2009. Next up, there will be a new publisher. Why New Enterprise Systems Fail will be the second title from Racket Publishing.

I’d love your input on the subtitle of my forthcoming book.

There’s still one thorny matter: book titles and subtitles are tricky things.1 To be fair, I’ve gotten off easy with three of the last four books. Slack For Dummies, Zoom For Dummies, and Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace all lacked subtitles.

Against this backdrop, I’d love your input on the subtitle of Why New Enterprise Systems Fail. I’ve certainly got a favorite from the list below, but I’m curious about what others think. I know that it’s ultimately my decision and that you can’t make everyone happy, but what do you think?

Thanks in advance.

Which is the best subtitle for Why New Enterprise Systems Fail?


  1. Check out my friend Josh Bernoff’s recent post on the topic here.

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