On Marketing and Platforms

On why traditional marketing matters less in the Age of the Platform.

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“Marketing is the cost you pay for lousy products.”

—Sergey Brin

This is one of my favorite quotes from Brin, a man I consider to be one of the smartest on the planet. Some disagree with him, but I actually think that he’s on to something.

Think about Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. Do they go a great deal of advertising? Not really. Their platforms and their planks, users, customers, and partners do most of their marketing for them.

This happens every time that someone:

  • Notices someone using iPad on the subway.
  • Sees someone reading a Kindle at the gym.
  • Says to someone, “Just Google it.”
  • New friends connect on Facebook.

Simon Says

In the Age of the Platform, the old rules of marketing and advertising no longer apply.


What say you?




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