There are plenty of jobs that I wouldn’t want. Professional mover is one of them, particularly in NYC. Can someone say five story walk-up?

These days, you also can put executive for a cable company in that category. In case you didn’t hear, the iPad 2 has HDMI capability. Now throw the following into the mix:

  • Broadband’s explosion
  • Cheap or free content-rich sites and services like Hulu, GoogleTV, and Netflix
  • Years of dissatisfied customers

Anyone want to have responsibility to maintaining (forget growing) cable-related revenues?

Cable companies are being disintermediated before our very eyes. Think that Time Warner’s new app to allow you watch premium content over an iPad stems from benevolence or a true desire to improve the customer experience? I doubt it. The company is scared.

And they should be. Look at what happened to the music industry.