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I’m here to answer any questions you may have. If you spam me or continually pester me about link sharing, however, then you face the consequences.

Please note the following before filling out the form below:

  • I no longer accept guest posts.
  • I receive plenty of requests from PR firms and software vendors asking me to write stories about them for Wired, Harvard Business Review, Information Week, HuffPo, Inc., and other sites. I’m sure that your product or service or announcement is really exciting, but I ignore these e-mails. I will, however, write sponsored posts or do webinars on mutually agreeable topics.
  • Ditto for plugs for your company’s latest infographic.
  • If you have somehow obtained my e-mail address and have added me to your newsletter without my consent, rest assured that I’ll unsubscribe from it and report it as spam.
  • If you’re looking for links, I don’t play that game
  • Check out this FAQ if you have any other questions.

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