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Phil Simon

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Microsoft Teams. Slack. Zoom. Google Workspace. Workplace by Facebook Meta.

Every day, hundreds of millions of people use these über-popular collaboration tools, but only to limited extents. That is, as replacements to email and Skype. We are merely scratching the surface of what these collaboration hubs can do. Rare is the company that has realized even one-quarter of their benefits.

Blame ignorance, not malice. Organizations, executives, middle managers, and rank-and-file employees have lacked a holistic framework to fully understand the remarkable power of these new collaboration hubs, much less unleash them.

At least until now.

Reimagining Collaboration provides this essential gestalt. My timely, ambitious, provocative, and seminal book introduces a bold new model of work predicated on hubs and spokes. No theoretical text, it offers concrete tips for companies and groups on how to transform the way they work.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that effectively working together in a distributed and virtual fashion is essential. Phil Simon provides a clear framework to achieve this critical yet elusive goal.

 Brad Feld, Foundry Group partner, Techstars co-founder, and author of Startup Communities