Phil Simon


Coaching: Business Writing

Struggling to get your points across with your colleagues, customers, prospects, and/or audience? You’re not alone. Let me help you up your writing game.

The Problem

Writing is often overlooked or minimized as a skill. Sure, anyone can do it, but how many of us do it well? To boot, in my experience very few people realize that their writing is confusing, ineffective, or anodyne.

The results can be catastrophic. Indifference, crickets, and lack of page views are the often least of many writers’ problems. Poorly written prose has cost many individuals and companies credibility and sales.

The Solution: A Personal and Experienced Writing Coach

I help writers crystallize their short- and long-form content. I teach them how to bring readers in with compelling stories and interesting facts. Although I dispense plenty of writing advice on this site, some professionals need more personal assistance to make their writing resonate with others.

Poor writing reflects poorly on its author and organization.

Along these lines, as I coach I help writers:

  • Craft their messages to their audiences
  • Develop their content in a collaborative manner
  • Offer detailed feedback on ways to draw readers in

How to Write a Business Book

In this course, I cover my process for writing compelling business books.

Read First

The great playwright George Bernard Shaw once famously said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

Good point.

Before we connect, it's important to determine if we are a good fit. To that end, please read this short page. I’d also recommend checking out my rates.