Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace

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Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace

The answer to a feasibility study is almost always yes.

—Robert L. Glass

30-Second Pitch

In this timely talk based upon my new book Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace, I explain how the world of project management has changed—for good. I offer a number of prescriptions for PMs, team leads, product owners, and service providers to improve their batting averages.


For decades, organizations of all sizes and in all industries have struggled at managing projects. Even though employees primarily worked together in physical offices, rare was the project that came in on time and on budget and delivered what stakeholders expected.

The M–F/9–5 in-person world of work is gone forever. Depending on the country, more than nine in ten people would rather quit their jobs than return to the office five days per week. Brass tacks: Remote and hybrid workplaces are here to stay, and they pose formidable obstacles that complicate managing projects and launching new products.

What Attendees Will Learn

In this talk, I explain the following:

  • How we arrived at this point.
  • The cognitive biases that make hybrid and remote project management so problematic.
  • Examples of cautionary tales—specifically, hybrid and remote projects that broke bad and, most importantly, why.
  • The role that collaborative tech needs to play in effective project management and product ownership.
  • Steps that organizations, team leads, product owners, and service providers can take to effectively manage hybrid and remote projects.
  • How to identify issues on remote and hybrid projects as soon as possible.
  • Lessons from companies that have figured out remote work and project management, such as Amazon, Automattic, GitLab, and more.
  • And much, much more.


Watch a webinar that I gave to my alma mater Carnegie Mellon on the topic:

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