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The Emerging Technologies of Enterprise 2.0

How are Enterprise 2.0, cloud computing, SaaS, open-source software, and other new technologies are changing the game.

Previous audiences: Keynotes to annual conferences and talks at corporate events

How can our organization adopt key new technologies while avoiding the costly mistakes of the past?

Odds are that your organization maintains a proper website and has supported e-mail for a long time now. These don’t differentiate companies from their competitors; they are merely table stakes.

Every company is becoming a technology company; some just haven’t realized it yet. More than ever, to succeed today organizations need to embrace powerful enterprise technologies such as cloud computing, SaaS, and open-source software. But when? Which ones? Where do you even start?

In this talk, I draw upon lessons from both The Next Wave of Technologies: Opportunities in Chaos as well as The New Small: How a New Breed of Small Businesses Is Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies. I answer the following questions and more:

How does our organization avoid the “shiny new thing” syndrome?

  • Which new technologies are essential for our industry and/or organization?
  • What are the benefits of these new applications? How can we realize them without breaking the bank?
  • Should our organization buy, build, or rent new applications?
  • Is open-source software too good to be true? Is it really “free”?
  • What types of problems will these technologies actually solve?
  • How do I vet software vendors, consultancies, and potential partners?
  • How does our organization avoid the “shiny new thing” syndrome?
  • These technologies appear to be promising, but how can our organization avoid the IT failures that have plagued us in the past?