I am much more of a fox than a hedgehog. Although, I don’t blog every day with my new professor job, it’s fair to say that I’m pretty prolific. On this site alone, you’ll find a boatload of posts on higher education, Big Data, technology, management, communications, platforms, analytics, and other topics. They generally fall into the following buckets: insights, provocations, musings, predictions, and rants. I prefer writing about big ideas than listicles and snackable content. Finally, I inject humor often into my posts and despise jargon.

My New Book

Analytics: The Agile Way—my eighth book—is out.

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Featured Talk: How to Create a Culture of Analytics

A 50-minute talk about Big Data and what we can learn from Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Google.


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I welcome and even encourage critical discourse on this site. I will, however, douse comments with hydrochloric acid if they descend into inappropriate language, disrespectful behavior, excessive self-promotion, or personal attacks.