Organizations and individuals hire me to provide critical services. This typically includes creating valuable content and solving technology, data, communication, management, and communication problems.

I solve problems.

β€”Harvey Keitel as Winston Wolfe, Pulp Fiction


I help individuals and companies navigate an increasingly complex business world.

Higher Ed

A dynamic and valuable asset on tech, data, and analytics in higher education.

Slack Training

Hands-on, in-person instruction from the guy who wrote Slack For Dummies.


Personalized, informative content from a recognized technology and management authority.


Timely, jargon-free observations, analysis, and predictions in both short and long formats.

Office Hours

I also hold free office hours to discuss a wide variety of subjects during 15-minute brainstorming sessions.

Working with Me

Before hiring me, it’s important to ensure that we’re on the same professional and philosophical page.