I solve problems.

—Harvey Keitel as Winston Wolfe, Pulp Fiction

Services2Organizations and individuals hire me to create valuable content, to solve technology, data, communication, management, and communication problems, and to provide other critical services.

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I help writers, speakers, and professionals crystallize their thoughts.


I help individuals and companies navigate an increasingly complex business world.

Message Clarity

Your personal or your company’s message is not being received. Let me change that.


Personalized, informative content from a recognized technology and management authority.


Customized, intimate, on-site seminars designed for maximum impact and learning.


Timely, jargon-free observations, analysis, and predictions in both short and long formats.

Office Hours

I also hold free office hours to discuss a wide variety of subjects during 30-minute brainstorming sessions.

Working with Me

Before hiring me, it’s important to ensure that we’re on the same professional and philosophical page.

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