Reimagining Collaboration Wins International Book Award.

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Popular Topics

Dynamic, provocative, intelligent, and highly informative perspectives on today’s most critical business and technology issues.

Popular Topics

Dynamic, provocative, intelligent, and highly informative perspectives on today’s most critical business and technology issues.

I give dynamic talks about

 the future of work



I have spoken about dozens of different work-, management-, data-, and technology-related topics throughout my career. This page provides descriptions of my most requested talks. I omitted the industry-specific talks that I’ve given over the years, as well as those on intelligent website design, preventing IT project failures, and effectively using social media.



Reimagining Collaboration and the Future of Work

A timely talk about how companies can turn the pandemic into an opportunity to effect major changes in their firms.

Successfully Adopting Microsoft Teams or Slack

A frank discussion on change management and overcoming resistance in the workplace.

How to Fix Business Communication

Thanks to loads of jargon and a tsunami of e-mail, how we’re working just isn’t working anymore.

The Power of Contemporary Platforms

Understanding the most important and powerful business model of the millennium.

Becoming a Visual Organization

There’s so much data today. How do we actually understand it and make better business decisions?

Agile Analytics

How can our organization quickly find meaningful insights in its data and act on them?

What's Next? Current and Future Trends

Where is all of this technology and data ultimately taking us? How should we prepare a murky future?

How to Build a Culture of Analytics

What can our organization learn from the cultures of Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook, and more?

What Is Big Data?

It seems to be a really big deal, but how does our organization separate the hype from the reality?

The Folly of Expert Predictions

Why are those who theoretically should know better so frequently and spectacularly wrong?

There is no such thing as a boring topic—only a boring speaker.

A Few More Notes

All of my talks fuse theory and practice. (Cue Deming quote.) I don’t lecture and “talk at” attendees. Rather, I include real-world examples of organizations doing the very things that I advocate—as well as counterexamples of what not to do. I also try to find natural points during the talk to solicit audience responses and interaction while maintaining the flow of the talk. Ditto for webinars with Zoom polls. 

An effective talk should inform and provoke the audience. Still, a speaker cannot cover everything under the sun.

Next, I customize the content of my talks based on my clients’ desires and the audience. For instance, let’s say that a prospective client desires a more advanced or very specific discussion on a particular topic rather than an overview. That’s fine. I’m more than happy to accommodate these requests.

Finally, an effective talk cannot be about everything under the sun—something I’ve seen many times as a conference attendee. By the same token, though, it also does need to focus exclusively on a single and provincial topic. In the past, some of my clients have wanted me to mix and match subjects. This is rarely a problem. After all, the subject matter in my books tends to be very complimentary.

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The great playwright George Bernard Shaw once famously said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

Good point.

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