Most people who write shouldn’t.

—Charles Bukowski

Through his writing, Phil routinely demonstrates his profound understanding of today’s business reader.

—Andreas Rindler, Partner at BearingPoint Financial Services

The Problem

As I write in Message Not Received, employees today are busier than ever—a trend that shows no signs of abating. Very few have time to stay on top of current business and technology trends, much less write compelling, cogent, and professional content that other people actually want to you, you know, read.

It’s fair to say that today the Web is replete with:

  • Poorly written copy
  • Zombie blogs without posts in six months
  • Lazy and incomplete listicles
  • Downright awful case studies (Click here to learn why most of these suck)
  • Sales pitches thinly veiled as blog posts


Do you watch commercials or try to ignore them?

Self-aggrandizing and patently obvious “content” rarely if ever drives meaningful conversations, legitimate inquiries, and, ultimately, and sales. There’s a reason that content marketing has become de rigueur.

Think about it: Do you watch commercials or try to ignore them?

Hire Me

The Solution: Professional Writing

The Web is replete with poorly written copy.

I write white papers, blog posts, executive reports, case studies, and articles on many topics for a wide array of organizations. For my clients, this typically falls under the umbrella of content marketing. My objective is to start meaningful conversations around the very problems that my clients’ products and services address.

Whatever their form, the work ultimately resides on one of three places:

  • On my site as sponsored posts
  • On my clients’ websites as freely downloadable content
  • Behind “e-mail walls”

The vast majority of this content is attributed to me. Occasionally, however, I ghostwrite.

Click here for an FAQ on my writing services.

White Papers

Here’s a sample of long-form content that I have written for my clients:

The Rise of Employee Self-Service, Big Data, and IT’s New Role

Systems Breakdown Case Study: A Square Peg and a Round Hole

The Appleization of the Enterprise: Understanding IT’s New World

Enterprise Data Governance: The Human Element

Blog Posts and Articles

Aside from the pieces for HuffPo, Inc., Harvard Business Review, and others (see icons at the top of the page), here are some of the regular columns I scribe for my clients:

All told, by my estimation my posts have generated more than two million page views.

Read First

Before we connect, it’s important to determine if we are a good fit. Please read this short page to make sure that we are on the same page before we go too far down the aisle. I’d also recommend checking out my rates.

Note that will I promote the blog posts, articles, and white papers I write on social media channels in a reasonable fashion. Also, I will respond to comments for my pieces as my schedule permits.