I am a provocative, informative, and engaging keynote speaker. Over my career, I have riveted more than 35,000 people through more than 350 talks in eight countries on a wide variety of topics. Among the organizations at which I have spoken include:

"A rare gift for the modern business audience.”

—Lori H. Schwartz, Managing Partner, StoryTech™

“In a word, awesome.”

—Julie Tulipane Stalknecht, Senior VP, NMHC

“Engaging, knowledgeable, and likable."

—Clinton Bonner, VP, Marketing, TopCoder

Keynote Speaking

Phil Simon is a provocative, informative, and engaging keynote speaker. Over his career, he has riveted more than 35,000 people in over 350 talks in eight countries on a wide variety of topics.

Organizations hire me to give dynamic talks about collaboration, platforms, technology, analytics, Big Data, communication, and other topics.

Ideally, in-person talks raise the level of discourse. They should set the tone for the conference, seminar, or corporate event. How do they do this? By provoking, inspiring, and informing their audiences.

Speaking by the Numbers




webinars and virtual events hosted.


I speak about a bouillabaisse of topics, usually book-related. I don’t write short books and, at least for me, a talk is never about a single, narrow subject. I don’t give boilerplate presentations to my clients. I work with them ahead of the event to ensure that I’m speaking about what they want–and, often just as important, avoiding what they don’t.


It’s a privilege to be on stage in front of people. Period. Attention is an increasingly rare commodity. It amazes me when I see speakers taking their audiences for granted.

You can judge speakers by the quality of their slides. I’ve never seen a good speaker reference visual eyesores such as these:

Do you want speakers who create slides like these representing your conference or event?

Slides should be as spartan as possible. Period. They should accentuate speakers’ points, not confuse the audience.

How can you tell the difference? How do you really know if an audience is paying attention to the person on stage?

It’s usually to pretty easy to determine if attendees are really engaged. Ask yourself if they are looking up at the speaker or down at their devices? (Sure, some people may be tweeting, but most of the time they are doing something else.)