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Book #9

Slack For Dummies

The definitive, full-color guide on the collaboration tool that’s transforming how more than 12 million people work every day.

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Publication date: May 25, 2020

Publisher: Wiley

Pages: 384

Formats: Paperback (color), eBook

Say goodbye to the old, inefficient way of working.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be less overwhelmed and more efficient at work? More specifically, imagine the following:

  • Never receiving another irrelevant mass email or being CC’d on a mind-numbing 30-email thread
  • Quickly and easily locating key documents and conversations
  • Employees at your organization were more engaged—whether at the office or working remotely
  • Working in an environment in which collaboration and communication didn’t resemble Office Space
  • How much your organization would benefit from a single and secure knowledge repository
  • Regaining control of your professional life

Every day, more than 12 million employees don’t have to imagine this alternate reality. They live in it. By using a remarkably useful, intuitive, flexible, popular, and affordable and tool called Slack, they have fundamentally changed how they work.

Slack’s corporate mission is to change where work happens. In tens of thousands of cases, it has succeeded—often in unexpected ways. Rare is the employee who wants to return to a pre-Slack work existence.

But how do you get started?

To be fair, Slack can be a little overwhelming for people who’ve worked out of their inboxes for years or decades.

Enter Slack For Dummies. My ninth book is a full-color, approachable, and comprehensive text with one goal: to help you understand how to use Slack to make your work life better. This easy-to-use reference guide:

  • Shows you how to navigate Slack’s user interface and understand its key features
  • Guides you through the process of creating workspaces, channels, and threads
  • Provides additional context to group and individual messages and, in the process, reduce employee cognitive load
  • Demonstrates how to avoid making rookie mistakes that haunt organizations down the road
  • Explains how to extend the power of native Slack with valuable third-party apps and integrations such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Outlook, Simple Poll, Trello, and more

Slack For Dummies is an informative and highly readable resource that will change the way that you communicate and collaborate with your colleagues—for the better and for good. Once you go Slack, you’ll never go back.


March 18, 2020: Yeah, Slack blew up its UI. Don’t worry, though. Slack For Dummies is based upon the new version of Slack. As such, directions, photos, and functionality are all current, baby.

November 6, 2019: Slack CTO Cal Henderson will be penning the book’s foreword.

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