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Slack For Dummies Shipping Update

After a few delays, we'll soon be good to go.
Jun | 26 | 2020

Under normal circumstances, authors exert very little control over the publishing and printing process.

These are not normal circumstances.

Along these lines, physical copies of Slack For Dummies will start shipping soon.

Here’s a screen shot from Amazon:

A confluence of factors has conspired to keep this book off the shelves for the last three weeks (#firstworldproblem #selfawareness).

Apologies for the delays to those who have been asking me. I’ve been doing all that I can without pissing off others.

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  1. Kwame

    I got my copy!!! 🙂 I have bought most of your books and hope to use some of your insights on microsoft teams. They seem to have similar functionality….

    • Phil Simon

      Thank you sir. I hope that you enjoy it. I worked really hard to make this book as accurate as possible, especially given the rewrite.


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