The Merits of Private Video Sites

Why YouTube isn't the answer to everything.

jay miletskyJay Miletsky is one smart cookie. When he’s not penning books (he has 11), he’s running Mango Marketing, a hybrid marketing agency. And, in his spare time, he runs MyPod Studios, a new venture spun off from Mango. MyPod Studios creates “pods” for its clients that enable them to do more with video.

In this videocast, Jay and I talk about the evolution of the web, the importance of video, and why YouTube may not be the best platform for a corporate video platform.


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  1. TC Coleman

    Great post. I totally agree. YouTube certainly has its place … but is not the answer for all corporations or even most video projects. I’m a big fan of private video sites.

    • Phil Simon

      Thanks, TC! Yeah, Jay makes some great points.


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