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The Merits of Private Video Sites

Why YouTube isn't the answer to everything.
Feb | 14 | 2011

Feb | 14 | 2011

jay miletskyJay Miletsky is one smart cookie. When he’s not penning books (he has 11), he’s running Mango Marketing, a hybrid marketing agency. And, in his spare time, he runs MyPod Studios, a new venture spun off from Mango. MyPod Studios creates “pods” for its clients that enable them to do more with video.

In this videocast, Jay and I talk about the evolution of the web, the importance of video, and why YouTube may not be the best platform for a corporate video platform.


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  1. TC Coleman

    Great post. I totally agree. YouTube certainly has its place … but is not the answer for all corporations or even most video projects. I’m a big fan of private video sites.

    • Phil Simon

      Thanks, TC! Yeah, Jay makes some great points.


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