A Business Novel?

Let me know if this direction is worth pursuing by voting in a quick poll. 
Sep | 7 | 2021

Sep | 7 | 2021

W. Edwards Deming

My favorite artists, writers, actors, and musicians challenge themselves. Bryan Cranston, Rush,1 Marillion,2 Foo Fighters, and Steven Wilson are just a few of the folks whom I admire because they zig when people expect them to zag.  No one can ever accuse them of being typecast.

Along these lines, I’ve been thinking quite a bit these folks as I contemplate my next potential book. After two For Dummies guides, I decided to return to a conceptual book with Reimagining Collaboration. For the next, I’m debating going in a slightly different direction: a business novel of sorts.

In case you’re wondering, these types of parables exist. Who Moved My Cheese? certainly comes to mind. The Phoenix Project and The Goal are two others.

Before I go too far down the road, I’m wondering if others would even consider buying that type of book from me. Smart dude W. Edwards Deming once famously said, “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” Let me know if this direction is worth pursuing by voting in the poll below.




  1. Case in point: Signals.
  2. Way too many to count here.

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