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In Which I Stitch Together Booleans, Books, and Influence

Yeah, the three concepts are related.
May | 12 | 2021

May | 12 | 2021

Regardless of the specific language, in computer programming you’ll quickly encounter Booleans. I’m hardly a proper software developer, and I’ve known as much for more than 30 years.1

As you can see below, the and statement connotes exclusivity.

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I often think about Boolean logic in the context of books and the coaching work that I do. Specifically, the power of exclusivity and the and statement.

Let me take a step back. Since the advent of the Web, it’s only become easier to express your views. Let’s say that you feel a certain way about a particularly relevant topic like the future of work.

Scenario A

You’ve got a mainstream opinion on the subject and you post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Great. So does just about everyone else. That doesn’t distinguish you from anyone.

Scenario B

Extra ands matter.

You’ve got a unique perspective on the future of work.

All things considered, you’re in a better spot compared to the previous scenario.

Scenario C

You’ve got a unique perspective on the future of work and you’ve crystallized your thoughts in the form of a book.

That extra and is a big deal. You’ve just put yourself in a elite company: Amazon currently lists nearly 1,000 books on the future of work.

Scenario D

To recap, you’ve got a unique opinion on the future of work and you’ve written a book on the topic. Time for two more ands:

All of those Amazon books don’t’ meet these criteria.

Simon Says: Extra ands matter.

Again, there are no guarantees, but this last scenario yields the best chance to turn your idea into multiple revenue streams —speaking, consulting, writing, and training most readily come to mind.


What say you?


  1. Thank you Carnegie Mellon.

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