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Netflix, Big Data, and Art

Big Data has the potential to become a big presence in production decisions.
Feb | 26 | 2013

Feb | 26 | 2013

How should you use Big Data?

It’s a big question. In Too Big to Ignore, I provide specific examples of how progressive organizations are leveraging Big Data to launch new products, increase insights into consumer behavior, and reach desired demographics.

And Netflix is one of the companies at the forefront of this movement precisely because it has so much data. Even trailers are customized to different types of audiences, as this New York Times’ piece points out.

Simon Says

I have decidedly mixed feelings about this. Big Data may let filmmakers, authors, musicians, and artists create more relevant work. At the same time, though, imagine having very strong opinions about the direction of your book or album only to have “the data” tell you that you’re wrong.


What say you?

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