On Scroogled and Hypocrisy

Microsoft's latest PR moves smack of desperation.

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platformMicrosoft has taken to “educating” consumers on Google’s holiday search practices. Yes, there’s even a website devoted to this “public service.” Microsoft is trying to bill itself as the voice of the uninformed masses. In this fictional world, Bing provides true, unfettered, pure results.

This is just lame. Microsoft can’t beat Google at search so the former results to this futile effort. It smacks of desperation. Separately, its head of search is on Twitter claiming that FTC ought to do more to combat Google’s monopolistic practices.

Ironic? You bet. Remember 10 years ago when the company was clamoring for the free market? Windows wasn’t a monopoly? Bundling Windows with IE was perfectly legal?

Something tells me that if Microsoft wasn’t so late to understand the importance of search, it would be singing a very different tune. But, of course, if things were different, then they wouldn’t be the same.

Simon Says

To Balmer et. al, here’s a free piece of advice: focus on building a better mousetrap and consumers may start coming to you. Scroogled makes you look desperate.




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