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Confused about the bevy of options today? Let me help you navigate the chaos and make the right choice.

The Problem

Thanks to new technologies like print on demand (POD) and the demise of gatekeepers, it’s never been easier to write a book. Put differently, publishing a book is easier than ever; it’s just not easy. The bevy of options available to would-be and even established authors can be, well, confusing. Many first-time and even repeat authors aren’t sure about how to proceed. Questions typically include:

Publishing a book is easier than ever; it’s just not easy.

  • Is it best to pursue a deal with a traditional publisher?
  • Is self-publishing a viable option for me?
  • How do I decide among different publishing offers?
  • I’d love to write a book, but how and where do I even start?

Here’s where I come in.

The Solution: A Personal Publishing Coach to Navigate the Chaos

I know more than a few things about writing and publishing books. Aside from the books and posts that I’ve written, I founded Motion Publishing, took it as far as I could, and then sold it in 2017 to Courtney Logan. I also agreed to manage the company’s website.

At the time of the sale, the company had published six books, including The Age of the Platform and The New Small. As for the other four:

  • Two came from companies whose executives wanted to turn their blogs into professionally produced books
  • The other two were from first-time authors who knew that traditional publishers wouldn’t give them the time of day. After all, they not amassed any track record selling books—something that’s nearly impossible to do.

In late 2020, I asked Mr. Logan if I could run Reimagining Collaboration: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and the Post-COVID World of Work through the company. He agreed.

Again, I no longer run Motion Publishing. Still, I coach a select number of serious, non-fiction authors in a few critical capacities. Our work is confidential. I get them clearly formulate their ideas. They bounce ideas off of me. I challenge them. I help them make the best decisions possible. In short, I act as the type of invaluable resource and partner whom I could have used when I started writing my first book way back in 2008.

As a publishing coach, Phil Simon helped me break the logjam for my next book.

—Mike Schrenk, author, speaker, and consultant

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