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Collaboration in the Post-COVID World

In this new and timely talk, I explain how technology and internal collaboration hubs make remote work easier than ever.

How can we turn this crisis into an opportunity?

In this new talk, I draw upon the lessons from my book Reimagining Collaboration.

In a nutshell, I’ll demonstrate that, when it comes to remote work, COVID-19 didn’t change anything; it only accelerated changes that were already taking place.

When offices closed and people started wearing masks, relatively few organizations were able to continue without significant interruption. Indeed, Basecamp and Automattic were the exceptions that proved the rule: Most were wholly unprepared for the massive changes that they had to face:

  • They relied upon email for internal “collaboration”
  • They continued to rely upon legacy business processes and mind-sets
  • They hadn’t built up a remote-first muscle memory

Most still haven’t—and that’s a big deal. The future of work will be a hybrid one.

In this talk, I provide the context to understand the problem. More than that, I’ll offer meaningful solutions about how organizations can turn this crisis into the opportunity that it is. Specifically, by embracing remote work, internal collaboration hubs, and a new model of collaboration, they can:

The future of work will be a hybrid one.

  • Reduce labor and real-estate costs
  • Appeal to a wider talent pool
  • Brand themselves as employee- and family friendly places to work
  • And more

Note that I’ll be giving this talk remotely for the time being—using the very tools that I describe in the book.


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