Speaking Topics

Understanding Big Data

It seems to be a really big deal, but how do we separate the hype from the reality?

Previous audiences: Executive retreats, keynotes to annual conferences, and conference breakout sessions

What can our organization learn from Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, and Google?

To be sure, Big Data—the massive amounts of largely unstructured information flying at us faster than ever—offers tremendous promise. Unfortunately, there’s just as much hype and confusion around the topic. As a result, many chief execs are justifiably weary of the subject. Few want to spend millions of dollars on another failed “IT project.”

What to do?

Drawing largely upon lessons from Too Big to Ignore, in this talk I address the following questions:

  • Forget all of the jargon and technical terms. In plain English, just what is Big Data, anyway?
  • What are its major characteristics?
  • How does it differ from traditional enterprise data?
  • Which companies have pulled ahead from the rest and what can we learn from them??
  • Is data really the new oil or just a cute bromide?
  • What are some of Big Data’s biggest opportunities?
  • What about the pitfalls (re: privacy and security concerns, the limitations of data, etc.)?
  • What’s on the horizon?

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