Successfully Adopting Microsoft Teams or Slack

How can our organization unleash the true power of internal collaboration hubs?

30-sec. pitch

By the absolute numbers, adoption of new collaborative hubs has surged since the pandemic arrived. Still, the adoption of these powerful tools is decidedly uneven. Many folks resist changing how they work. As a result, organizations are just scratching the surface of what these hubs can do.  


Microsoft Teams and Slack can change the way that groups, departments, divisions, and even entire organizations work—and for the better. 

There’s often a chasm, however, between can and will.

Like many contemporary technologies, Microsoft Teams and Slack benefit from network effects. According to Metcalfe’s Law, every employee who fails to use a tool makes it that much less valuable. And the damage continues: By refusing to get on board, stragglers and laggards bifurcate knowledge, confuse others, add friction, poison the culture, and thwart efforts to build a comprehensive knowledge base.

Change management has always been hard.  

This. Is. A. Big. Deal.

In this talk, I discuss the difficulty of getting employees to use and even embrace internal collaboration hubs. I explain why, when it comes to how they work, many employees are stuck in their old ways. I also offer a number of techniques designed to maximize the chance that these powerful hubs take root in your organization.


What Attendees Will Learn

I answer the following questions:

  • What are the common objections that employees present to using these tools?
  • Why do organizations need to get all of their employees off of email?
  • How does limited of these tools adoption hinder an organization? (TL;DR: Deeply and in many ways.)
  • What are some of the challenges that organizations of my size can expect to face?
  • What are the different adoption approaches?
  • Which ones are most effective for your organization?
  • What about leaders? Are they exempt from using Teams, Slack, or another hub?
  • What types of carrots and sticks can organizations and managers use?
  • Which employees are most likely to resist using these tools?
  • How to deal with recalcitrant employees?


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