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Current and Future Trends

Where is all of this technology and data taking us? What can we best do to prepare for an increasingly tech- and data-oriented future?

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Why has the long term never been shorter?

We are living in an era marked by accelerating technological, political, and social change. Odds are that this scares you, not to mention many business folks who are far more comfortable with stability and predictability.

Make no mistake: Today disruption is everywhere. Competition is coming faster than ever, and often from unexpected sources such as Uber (taxis), AirBNB (hotels), and the like. As the Chinese say, however, in crisis there lies enormous opportunity.

In this talk, I answer the following questions and more:

  • Why has the long term never been shorter?
  • What trends are causing all of this change?
  • Why are the costs of inaction greater than the costs of action?
  • What can my organization do to best prepare for this change?
  • What types of partnerships should my organization pursue?
  • Which skills are essential nowadays? What about five years down the road?

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Speaking with the local Fox affiliate about the economics behind Uber and how it can capture more of the consumer surplus.