Action expresses priorities.

—Mahatma Gandhi


I’m here to answer any questions you may have. I only ignore spam.

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ehPlease note the following:

  • I no longer accept guest posts.
  • I receive plenty of requests from PR firms and software vendors asking me to write stories about them for Wired, Harvard Business Review, Information Week, HuffPo, Inc., and other sites. I’m sure that your product or service or announcement is really exciting, but I ignore these e-mails. I will, however, write sponsored posts or do webinars on mutually agreeable topics.
  • I haven’t owned a fax machine for more than a decade.
  • Check out this FAQ if you have any other questions.

How busy am I?*

An entirely subjective assessment of my professional availability.

  • 78%

* I never want this number to approach 90 percent, never mind exceed it. It’s important to leave time for new opportunities and all-important relaxation.