The Visual Organization Book Tour: San Francisco

Time to hit the road.
Oct | 31 | 2013

Oct | 31 | 2013


When I write a book, I usually hire a PR firm to help with its promotion. This time, I’m going to try something different.

For the The Visual Organization, I am changing the equation. I will be giving a limited number of free talks in and around San Francisco over the course of a week. As for dates, we’re looking at either late March or early April of 2014. I’d like to give at least two talks per day of around 30-45 minutes each on Big Data and data visualization. I’ll then take 15-30 minutes of questions. Ideally, I would speak at venues that can accommodate a decent crowd and allow for the talk to be recorded.

What’s the book about?

Here are a bunch of book-related links:

For those of you who prefer a visual (pun intended), here’s the trailer:

I’d like to speak at the following places:

  • Organizations
  • Conferences
  • Colleges and universities, but probably not grade schools
  • Co-working spaces
  • Large MeetUp groups
  • Libraries (SF seems to be a big book city)
  • Candlestick Park (or whatever they call it these days)
  • Others if they make sense


I normally charge when I speak, but I will waive my fee in exchange for the purchase of fair number of physical copies of the book (at least 10) at a discounted price from Wiley ($25/copy + shipping). I don’t control the price and, in case you’re wondering, The Visual Organization will a full-color hardcover book containing roughly 240 pages.

After the talk, I will gladly answer questions for as long as you like and I can (hinging on where I need to be next), but each talk will be based upon the book. That is, I won’t be developing a specific presentation for each talk. For questions, though, fire away.

My talks are never exactly the same. It’s always a hybrid of improvisation and composition, much like Neil Peart’s drum solos. At each, though, I’ll talk about the increasing importance of dataviz in an era of Big Data. I’ll discuss some of the examples in the book: Netflix, eBay, Autodesk, University of Texas, and Wedgies. I’ll be talking about the need for new types of dataviz tools and applications. I won’t be lecturing about very technical things like programming in R.

Near-Final Schedule: Updated 03.26.14

We’re pretty much all set. I just added Carnegie Mellon, Visier, and Platfora.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in having me speak to your organization or group or have any suggestions, then please connect here.

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