Zoom Tip #1: Understanding Channels and Channel-Specific Notifications

Relatively few people seem to know about some of these cool features.

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​I’m about 90 percent finished with the manuscript for Zoom For Dummies. What I thought would be a 250-page book at most will now come in at more than 370 pages.

The obvious question is, Why?

The short answer is that Zoom contains a freakin’ boatload of useful functionality, most of which relatively few people seem to understand. In this way, Zoom follows a power law—like most software applications do

I’d bet my house that most people think of Zoom exclusively as a videoconferencing tool.

It is, but it’s so much more.

Case in point: Watch the video below. Not only can you create channels for more targeted messages à la Slack, but you can set up keyword-specific notifications on public channels. Both of these tools help you stay informed without being overwhelmed.

For more tips like these, check out Zoom For Dummies—available now.


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