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The Hub-Spoke Model of Collaboration

Here's the big idea at the center of Reimagining Collaboration.
Jan | 8 | 2021

Jan | 8 | 2021

In my experience, few people thought holistically about collaboration before the pandemic. Pre-COVID, this limitation arguably didn’t matter—or at least all that much. After all, the majority of our work took place in person. We could just pop by a colleague’s desk to ask a question.

That is no longer the case. We’re firmly in the post-COVID world. Consider the following factoid:

Percent of employees who reported feeling overwhelmed by the number of tools and technologies that they’re required to use.

From the same report, nearly three in five employees claim that frequent application notifications decrease their productivity. I’m shocked that that number isn’t higher.

No wonder The Great Resignation has arrived, although it will hurt some firms more than others.

Enter Reimagining Collaboration—a book predicated on hubs, spokes, and a single gestalt: the Hub-Spoke Model of Collaboration.

Here’s a short video detailing the big idea at the center of my new book:

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